New DAC or New CDP?

I'm sure there are members out there who are trying to decide whether the best upgrade path is to use your old CDP as a transport and purchase a more "current" DAC or just sell the CDP and purchase a new CDP. I have an ARC CD1 and have been considering this question. That is what would be the best upgrade path. My maximum budget would be about $ 1,500 and my objective would be to have a digital front end that approaches my Well Tempered Classic tt. Any advise would be appreciated. I have been considering the purchase of an Audio Note DAC (used) or selling the ARC and purchasing a audio Aero primo or a Arcam CDP. Thanks.
Just my 2 cents worth - Stick with a new or used CDP. The addition of a DAC to your existing CDP will require new cabling ($$$) and will introduce jitter.
I'd take a one-piece Arcam over everything else you mentioned.
Redcarrera, you're CDP comes equipped with an excellent transport. Matching the CD1 with the ARC DACIII Mk2 would be about as good as anything you'll find anywhere near the price. The DACIII Mk2 is one of the most analogue sounding dacs I've heard. Tekline makes a digital cable that worked wonderfully with this combo, considerably better than the Illuminati D60 for a lot less money. The AES (balanced) cable was a little smoother, but I preferred the BNC version overall.