New DAC not streaming hi res files

I just obtained the Chord Qutest DAC in the hope of streaming hi res files. In short, it’s not doing it.
The indicator that changes colors with each different sampling rate remains fixed at the lowest color setting when streaming hi res files from Qobuz.  I have an Arcam  streamer  connected to the DAC  with a coax cable attached to a BNC adapter, as the Chord doesn’t have a coax accepter. And The Arcam doesn’t accept optical cables.
Could these connections be at fault?  I don’t know how to circumvent the problem
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How are you getting Quobuz into the DAC?  From a PC, or from the Arcam?  Do you have High Rez files stored on a Hard Drive somewhere?  If the answer is yes, Is the DAC reading those files?
if Quobuz is coming from a PC, check the output settings on the PC, as it may be downsampling High Rez content before it sends it to the DAC.  Are you sure that the Arcam is speed to handle High Rez files?
That is “Specced “ to handle those files.
I’m connecting through Arcam. It is supposed to handle hi res.
  • 24-bit/192kHz support is claimed.

Are there other connection options?  Usb?  Some DACs only do High Res via usb
I just looked up specs on the Qutest, it is supposed to do High Res over both usb or coax.  If the Arcam doesn’t have a usb, can you attach a computer via usb and play a high Rez file from the computer?
And have you tried a high Rez file from a non Quobuz source?

Is the Arcam the rplay?  That apparently only has coax out, very odd.  It does raise the possibility that the adapter that you are using is not allowing a high res stream, which was your original guess.
see if you can attach a computer as above and if it plays high res via usb.  That would confirm that the connector is the culprit 
Yes it’s the rplay. Music Direct seemed to think the adapter would work.
I don’t have a  computer or laptop handy, just a tablet.

Thanks for your interest in my plight.

Does the dac do 24/192 with coax or just uusb
Found the problem.
Hi res had to be set up differently in the Arcam app.
Now the lights are changing color.
(Although I’m not yet thrilled with the sound.)
Good job.
Hopefully it’s a break in issue and the sound will improve.  
I’m not an Arcam fan; I thought their DAC sounded thin and anemic.

I not 100% but I'm don't think coax goes up that high, you may have to try USB