New DAC??? Jolida FX tube DAC???

Ok, to darn many to filter through under $600. What are your thoughts on the Jolida DAC VS others like Cambridge DAC Magic...Emotiva XDA-1...PS Audio and others in this range??
Go for a used Eastern Electric Dac.....should be about the same price. Another option would be a used Tranquility from dB Labs.
The DACMagic is lifted to a higher level with the $100 Pangea power supply, and still keeps the "shopping around" price well under 600.
Telescope_trade, sorry to hijack this (inactive) thread in order to ask you a question, but here goes: back in March you made very favorable comments about the Jolida JD5T preamp upgraded version. Any further impressions or comparisons? I'm taking delivery of one in the next few days. Did you try any tube rolling?

And to your thread topic: I have a Cary xCiter DAC that uses a little-known AKM 32-bit chip and some custom NEC output chips, and it's wonderful. Undocumented feature: supports 88.2 and 176.4 as well as other rates up to 192. Only real limitation is the USB input, works great but limited to 48khz/16-bit.