New DAC has transformed my music collection.

I bought a chord 2 quite dac which initially sounded great. However I found myself turning the volume down.  After some careful reading I have swapped out the Chord after 2 months to an Exposure Dac, god what a transformation. I have music, I have stopped listening to my system and now listen to music.  

My system comprises of a melco streamer, into an Exposure Dac, Croft epoch elite pre and Croft twin star 1 power amp into piega classic 40.2.  It sounds great listening to mainly blues rock I have the band playing infront of me. Have fallen back in love with my system, and have no plans for any further changes......

I do however miss a remote control for the volume, getting up and down keeps me fit. 

Enjoy the music. 

@audiotroy , 
What makes you think he shopped by reviews?
I purchased both from good hifi shops under advice as neither had the amplifiers or speakers I had, both I tested at home. Initially the Chord sounded great but far too in your face.  I know what sound I like, sometimes I can spend hours listening, with the Chord it sounded better when I was in another room. The Exposure Dac has a wonderful calmness about it, the music flows however the detail is all there just not thrown at you.  Jackson Browne has never sounded so good.

Please let us know the model of the Exposure dac.  Not familiar.   
This entire account smells like an ad.
maybe an advertisement but I doubt it by the OP as Croft gear at least in USA is almost a small cult following...yes I own some
yes your Chord while musical in MANY systems, not so much in yours.
Enjoy the music !!!!!!!!!!!!