New DAC has transformed my music collection.

I bought a chord 2 quite dac which initially sounded great. However I found myself turning the volume down.  After some careful reading I have swapped out the Chord after 2 months to an Exposure Dac, god what a transformation. I have music, I have stopped listening to my system and now listen to music.  

My system comprises of a melco streamer, into an Exposure Dac, Croft epoch elite pre and Croft twin star 1 power amp into piega classic 40.2.  It sounds great listening to mainly blues rock I have the band playing infront of me. Have fallen back in love with my system, and have no plans for any further changes......

I do however miss a remote control for the volume, getting up and down keeps me fit. 

Enjoy the music. 


You just discovered that shopping by review is bull pucky. 

It is all about system matching. The Chord sound is extremely detailed, Exposure electronics classic British sound warm, punchy, more about flow and emotion than detail. 

So you just found a great lesson about system voicing is about creating synergy and sometimes adding one component may require a complete rebalancing of the way a system is voiced.

Dave and Troy
Audio Docor NJ 
@audiotroy , 
What makes you think he shopped by reviews?
I purchased both from good hifi shops under advice as neither had the amplifiers or speakers I had, both I tested at home. Initially the Chord sounded great but far too in your face.  I know what sound I like, sometimes I can spend hours listening, with the Chord it sounded better when I was in another room. The Exposure Dac has a wonderful calmness about it, the music flows however the detail is all there just not thrown at you.  Jackson Browne has never sounded so good.

Please let us know the model of the Exposure dac.  Not familiar.   
This entire account smells like an ad.
maybe an advertisement but I doubt it by the OP as Croft gear at least in USA is almost a small cult following...yes I own some
yes your Chord while musical in MANY systems, not so much in yours.
Enjoy the music !!!!!!!!!!!!
That was a strange comment Erik. What did he say that made you feel that way?
Hey Roxy54 :

Maybe because he's posted 3 times and two were related to this DAC, gushing.

TBH, I haven't heard either DAC myself. I just felt the timing, and writing was over the top.
I live in the UK, this is the first time I have posted on this website. Please be assured it is no dealer add.  I have had my Croft amplifiers for over 10 years they are exceptional. 

The pigea classic 40.2 are a new stunning addition wonderful sound and look amazing. 

Exposure only make one standalone DAC which was a far better fit in my system. The Chord dac has a very in your face sound when paired with my amps. The Exposure is a more laid back calm sound, with no loss of detail or drive just more enjoyable to me.  My next and last change will be to check out mains cables and mains blocks as I use the stock ones provided with a basic power block. 

An ad or not I completely agree with the OP. I just picked up a Schiit Yggie Analog2, and it has transformed my digital listening experience. My CD collection is getting a workout again, Tidal and Radio Paradise, always enjoyable are on another level. Best purchase in a long time for punching up a couple levels. My wife’s response was Wow that new DAC does make a very noticeable improvement.
This is the DAC I now own EXPOSURE 2010S2 DAC. 

Like toneranger58 I am listening to so many more cds which now sound great at low and high volumes.

@shefwed. that is the reason we are in this crazy hobby !!!!!!! enjoy your system in good health. I have Glens single chassis RIAA-RS a rare bird, when it works it is magic. I bet your system sings !!!!!!
I have dropped my amps off at Glenn's tonight for a look at the valves I have some hissing which will soon be corrected with valves being replaced. 

Your amp sounds very interesting hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine.

What is the rest of your system? 
Happy for you. I would be sceptical to a DAC that changes the sound dramatically. 
That was the only change made, it sounded so much more relaxed but full of life. I am really enjoying music again. The Chord dac was harsh, in your face, whilst the Exposure Dac has the detail but as I say more relaxed sound. The dac has a huge impact on the sound, why not try it?