New DAC for Sony SCD-777ES SACD player.?

I still love my Richard Kern modified Sony SACD player. In my ears better than Oppo UDP-205 that I bought to replace it with.  It is now almost 20 years since these came out.
Like many of these units, the SACD laser is not working as well. But CD is still flawless.
How about buying a DAC for Redbook?

Would a Schiit, Benchmark, Mytek, iFi, or Ayre make a real difference.


(The musical experience from my analog turntable set up is still much superior.)

Thank you.
2 ES Sonys in my arsenal, Unless they go up in smoke, They’ll stay..

I have a pro Denon that was tighten up by a buddy It is a good unit also.
He does about 40 dollars worth of parts... lots of features. I have to dig that back out... I’d actually forgot about it... It will work good along with the RtR (just thinkin’ out loud) for a couple of things, I’m getting ready to do..

I’m actually happy with the Music Channels, there are a couple that the quality is REALLY good to my ears.. After 2:00 am it’s about as good as it gets.. Grid is a lot quieter. AC are all off this time of year... Wonderfull!

I been listening for over 4 hours tonight, no fatigue.. Blues, Jazz and a little Coral music, to xylophone it up a bit..

Vinyl is great... BIG ol SMILE!

Happy Happy

I had a 777, replaced it with an Oppo 105, and then with a few DACs.  Each step an improvement.  However, since you thumbs downed the Oppo 205, who knows what you would think?  Order a DAC with a return policy and experiment away!

I have a 105 that I DIYed via PNP a new LPM and IEC Furutech rhodium with pure silver tails to the LPM board and ground (both from Ebay) a couple years ago now. No issues, BUT, I stumbled across the Technics SL G700 SACD and streamer that has incredible attention to detail.

I started a thread for input

MSRP $3000. I am anxious to compare, but $3000 is a bit out of reach right now
SCD-777ES is one of the best CD tunable ever. Use digital cable out to a  good modern  DAC would be the super I have both 777ES and 9000ES. They are old machine but CD driver are the best. 
I have the Sony SCD-1 SACD/CD player with full Vacuum State Electronics mods + Uber Clock! Havet looked into adding a DAC? Will it work??
Like many of these units, the SACD laser is not working as well.
It uses a Sony KHM-230AAA laser still available still cheap, if your mechanically minded should be about 1hrs work to put in. Buying the whole mech/laser is far easier to put in than just the laser.
As far as a dac goes, to me only R2R dacs for Redbook, and for reasonable priced one Soekris has good ones and know what he's doing with R2R. The pic for me is the 1541.
Cheers George

if you have a line on a Sony KSS-272A laser, contact me.

Happy Listening!

if you have a line on a Sony KSS-272A laser, contact me.

Happy Listening!
Might as well ask me for rocking horse shit. They are about as impossible as the Sony BU-1E laser.

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Short answer to your question, no leads on that one, just as rare as the Sony BU-1E

I answered your question, but it got removed.

By "some pleb" who thought that me saying "those lasers are as rare as rocking horse ****" was offensive and objected to it and got it removed. What a putz, or maybe he has a thing for Rocking Horses who knows

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Laughing..Keep me posted if you spot the Sony KSS-272A laser block.

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