New DAc for old CDP?


I am mostly a vinyl guy, though I have lots of silver discs. I don't even own an iPod or MP3 player (though the former is inevitable). Anyway, I have an original Rega Planet, which I have felt little need to upgrade, since I listen to maybe 80% LPs. I also have an Oppo 981, which was so cheap to buy that it seemed worth it for my few SACD's (but I'm exclusively two channel). Also, I'm low on funds -- anyone noticed the economy?

So here's the question: just how much and what sort of bang for my buck would I get from buying an inexpensive outboard DAC through which to run both the Planet and Oppo as transports, and that will allow eventual other digital inputs (computer, iPod)? I mean, will this have big impact, subtle impact, little impact? Will it make me rediscover my CDs, or just make me a guy with another box on his rack? FWIW, I prefer LP to digital (especially my current digital, but also other much higher end digital systems I have heard) because of what I feel is better rhythmic coherence and je-ne-sais-qua plangency and less grainy. glaring presentation. So anything that will improve those areas in my digital would be great, anything that makes them worse (even with other benefits -- I am more toe-tapper than analyst -- would be no good to me.

For instance, how about the new Musical Fidelity V-DAC? Anyone hooked this up to a Planet or similar older one box player, or to an Oppo? What results?

Or maybe some other DAC? Or maybe this is just the wrong digital upgrade path, considering what I already have?

Advice/discussion appreciated!

Sounds like I am about where you are as far as level of equipment but I would say I am more like 50-50 when it comes to vinyl vs cd listening. I have a DAC, in fact I have a couple of them and I would say a DAC will close the gap but isn't going to make your CDs sound like your vinyl (at least not in this price range). So when I really want to listen to the music, my turntable is on. When I just want some music on, the CD player is playing.

So there are any number of DACs both new and used that can give you an upgrade for not that much cash.
I currently have an Arcam Alpha 7SE CD used as a transport, hooked up to a MF XDACV3 (and X10V3 with PSU)with Kimber Illuminati. There was a significant difference -- The sound was definitely much warmer and less bright (compared to the CDP alone). Hope this helps.
I have a Cal Sigma 2 dac that much improved my Cambridge 540c cdp.
the cambridge dacmagic is good and cheap--you could probably find one for around $300-350.
I too use vintage CD players, I have seen the non over sampling DAC's especially on eBay that I may spring for one day soon. They go for about $200 US and from what I have read impress most of their buyers.
If you want an extremely good DAC for the money check out the Channel Islands Audio VDA 2. Although at $599 it's not exactly cheap, but it blows away the CAL Alpha DAC I used in the past. Huge, expansive soundstage with scary imaging. Great bass, non fatiguing, all of the adjectives you hear about mega $$$ gear. Sounds much better with Redbook than the analog out of my SACD player that serves as it's transport. It's 2:30 am and I'm still up listening... what more can you say.