New D'Agostino Monoblocks...$250,000

The new D’Agostino Relentless monoblocks cost $250,000 per pair.
They weigh in at 485 pounds.
1500 wpc @ 8 ohms...   3000 wpc @ 4 ohms...   6000 wpc @ 2 ohms.
Gorgeous looking amps for sure and I’m sure they perform like crazy.

Be sure to invite me over when you take delivery of your pair.
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Oil tycoons
sports stars
business owners
all the people with family money and lots of cash

they will sell.
i bet Fabio will get some.....
had an interview w him years ago, I swear I noticed Krell amps and other goodies.

 I’m not a cheapskate, I love nice things, just no money to have all I want.    Probably would not buy these even if I had the money. They are a statement, I’m not a statement dude. If I had a lot of coin, would probably get those Dynaudio C speakers.
or those Bryston T-Rex monsters. Maybe the Bryston CD player, or the Royal Rcd 1572. Ooh, that rotel anniversary CD player after the designer Has rave reviews, price not too bad, maybe they will get a scratch unit.......

  read every page of the website, articles on those D’Agostino amps, the whole product line is amazing,  
     Yeah, a little too flashy for us.