New concert DVD's

I recently picked up the Eagles(from Australia) Its a double disc set(in DTS) with alot of their classic stuff not on When Hell Freezes Over. Lyin Eyes,Take it to the limit,One of these nights,Sunset grill,and alot of Joe Walsh's single hits. The quality isn't quite up to WHFO but then what is. It is certainly worth the money(21.99) Any new recommendations would be appreciated(especially in DTS)
I am patiently waiting for the new new Cream DVD, but it is not out until October 4.
Of course,Eagles WHFO, has got to be one of my favorite concert DVD's. Kind of a "controlled concert" atmosphere.
I really cannot stand concerts when you hear a lot of the crowd noise, clapping with the music, or any other crowd distractions.
On par with the Eagles, is a Sting's "All This Time".
Great audio and video!

FYI, there's a fairly comprehensive thread on Concert DVDs at