New Company-Daber Audio

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stephen Brown and I have been a hobbyist for 9 years. During that time period I have built many speakers and subwoofers. Today, I officially went into business for myself. My company's name is Daber Audio and I will be offering a full line of high end speakers and subwoofers. The first available product I will have will be my subwoofers. I will have two seperate models, a 10inch powered and a 12 inch powered. If there is interest I will keep everyone updated on the progress and availability, as well as post full specs. I am in the process of getting my website launched, and will update when it is ready. There will be a lot of information on the site regarding upcoming products, features, specs, and company info. Again, I just wanted to introduce myself to all of you as I begin this journey. I think that alot of you will be fairly interested in what I will bring to the table, the design is a bit unconventional with impressive results. In the meantime, before the site is up, if anyone has any questions about what I am doing feel free to email me at

Stephen Brown
Stephen, welcome aboard and best of luck in your new venture. Although the field is crowded, there is always room for a creative and responsive new company. Just remember that audio manufacturing has the equivilent of the Riddle of the Spinx:

Q: How do you make a small fortune in the audio manufacturing business?

A: Start with a large fortune.

Thanks for responding. This should be an interesting journey for sure! I got a kick out of your Q and A there, but my wife didnt think it was so hilarious! Luckily, I havent yet quite my day job, therefore if it doesnt succeed, then I do have something to fall back on, although I'd much rather do something that I LOVE (and am pretty talented at) every day.
It's nice that you are talented regarding speaker construction. Unfortunately marketing and industry connections will have more to do with your financial status than the sound of your product.
Good luck.
I am aware of this, and it will certainly be a hurdle to overcome, however, as they say, "where there is a will, there is a way". I understand that it is not this simple, and it will take a lot of hardwork and dedication. I do look forward to the challenge though.
Stephen, you are starting an audio manufacturing company and still have a wife. Don't worry, that one will work its way out real soon ;-)
Stephen, good luck with your venture. Where are you located?
Hi Stephen,

Greetings! You have now officially crossed over to the "Dark Side", and I and my fellow minions welcome you.

I am inspired by the success of Ty Lashbrook of Tyler Acoustics. It looks to me like Audiogon has been his primary marketing venue, which has helped him to keep his costs down and value up. He's now gaining recognition in the "big boy" press, namely Stereophile and The Absolute Sound. I presume you'll be marketing directly also - is that right?

As a longtime amateur speaker builder myself (betcha a nickel I've built more bad speakers than you have!), I'm perhaps more fascinated than most with design details. Can you tell me more about your subwoofers? In what areas are you doing something different from the hundred other subwoofer manufacturers that makes yours stand out in performance and/or value?

Care to drop any hints about your upcoming line of speakers, either in design philosophy or perhaps even a few specifics?

Where does the name "Daber Audio" come from? Where are you located?

Best of luck to you and to Daber Audio!

"Can you tell me more about your subwoofers? In what areas are you doing something different from the hundred other subwoofer manufacturers that makes yours stand out in performance and/or value?"

I can tell you a little, but I dont want to let too much out of the bag before the website is up. I can tell you that the amplifiers will be integrated into the cabinet, but not inside of the cabinet (this isnt cutting edge, or new, but i do not believe that amps should ever be inside of a cabinet). I can also say that the port will be a bit unconventional. I know these comments are vague, and dont explain much. Really, I just dont want to talk about it a lot until you can actually see for yourself what makes them different from a lot of other subs out there. I can tell you that the 12 inch version have a 500 watt class G amplifier, extremely low, smooth frequency response, will be made out of 1 1/8 inch MDF, and will retail for about $1,100. I guess to answer the question of "what am i doing differently" the answer is "port construction". You'll soon see what I mean.

Daber Audio--where does the name come from? Well, its a funny little story that I may one day share with you all, but for now I will just say that it is something personal that means alot to me (now I sound like a crazy, dont I? :) )

I am located in Knoxville IL for the time being, but in June I will be moving towards Springfield IL. I have a large facility that I will be building in that is located in that area.
Hi Stephen, welcome and good luck. I am not a subwoofer person, but I shall look forward to hearing about any full-range speakers you may offer. Apparently, the guys to beat are, in alphabetical order, Green Mountain, Salk, Silverline, Tyler, and Zu. Again, best of luck.
Thank you, Aktchi. I will need all of the luck i can get. It will be about 1 1/2-2 months before any full range is perfected enough to be commercially available, but i will certainly let you know. This should be a fun journey, and I am truly looking forward to getting product out to people so that they can hopefully enjoy it.
Stephen, the third page of the current Stereophile has some interesting observations on the pitfalls that a small audio manufacturer can experience. Better to read about them than have them happen.
Viridian, I dont have a current subscription or else I would read it. I looked at their website and couldnt find it on there. I'll try to locate a copy and read it to make sure im not making any major errors.