New comer looking for help to buy!!

Hi, new to home theater and read the frequently asked questions and that was helpful but a little overwhelming. My main room where I game and watch movies is a pretty open room. I have the dining room to my left and kitchen to my right. So sound would go everywhere. Sit about ten feet from the tv and my couch is sitting right against the wall. I just honestly don’t know what route I should go with 3.1 or 5.1. I have an Xbox x, ps4 pro and 4K tv. What I’m willing to spend on equipment is around 2grand. Any guidance or thoughts on this is appreciated.

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I had a 5.1 channel setup when I had the sofa back against the wall. And the setup was great for movies and gaming. I was able to hide flat speaker cables under the carpet. Well yeah I was gaming back then!!

I remeber paying like $3.5k for paradigm studio 5 channel setup. Except for sub all were used back then.

If you want to get something for $2k try used market.

Btw not sure if you watch 4K content but depending on your tv size 10 feet may be too far. You may already know that , thought I should mention.