New Clearaudio Concept Owner. Looking for Cart?

I just purchased a Concept without cart. Wanted to be able to choose. Looking for advice on a cart. I have a PS audio Plus Integrated with MM/MC preamp. Would like to stay around $700
Got my eye on a Dynavector 10x5.Any suggestions?
At that price you might want to consider a MM-one of 2 options: Ortofon 2M Black or Clearudio Arum Wood. Both excellent an may outperform similar priced MC. Buddy has a new 2M on his Concept and he loves it running through phonstage on McIntosh integrated.
I agree with fossda. The 2M Black is an awesome cartridge With the shibata tip(this is at the top of the scale for sure). Also, I would consider the Nagaoka MP300 it is sold by Needle Doctor. I listen to classic rock and Jazz, I have the MP200 and I love it on my Rega.I also think the Dynavector is a great choice. You will be happy with any of these. Good Spinning!

Matt M
I have an older Clearaduio Emotion and I'm using the Grado Sonata 1 reference ($600) and I've found it to be a good match, as long as your system isn't overly laid back. It has great soundstage, and great resolution of tone and timbre. Definitely a more romantic sound but extremely enjoyable to my ears.