New Classic Records Coloured Vinyl

I just picked up 2 Diana Krall releases, the Xmas LP on Red Vinyl, and the From this Momement On, on white wax.

I noticed they are a bit noisy, ie surface noise. It got me wondering if Coloured vinyl suffers from the same lower quality as Picture Discs used to, where they were more for looks than for playing.
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I bought the new Norah Jones, on red vinyl, and it was simply awful.l Very noisy vinyl. No amount of cleaning helped. I returned it.
Check the archives at vinylasylum. Heck, you don't even have to check the archives. There are contstant threads (one there tonight) there about Classic's poor quality.
I just picked up the new Norah Jones red vinyl LP played it last night and it too as more than normal surface noise.
Even on black vinyl I have two records that contain serious noise. One of these that keeps getting worse everytime I play it (it is now destined for the circular file) is Peter Gabriel's 2. Led Zeps 4 and Houses of the Holy, and Genesis' Selling England by the Pound all have distracting amounts of surface ticks and pops that are not static. I clean these with RR fluids on a VPI 16.5 so clean is not the problem. Quality control is essential to a successful business and I am not yet convinced that Classic has it together.
colored vinyl has alwaya been more of a 'collectble item (i have no idea why) then a player. classic isn't the only reissue house with problems....other than records being thicker today, most since the glory days of mfsl are cerainly not silent between tracks. there are only a handful of pressing plants, and with production numbers shrinking, its hard to imagine what we're buying is state of the art.
I don't think there's anything inherent about the non-black colors themselves that makes records noisier, and it's been suggested that the translucent varieties may even have the potential to be slightly quieter than black or other opaque colors. Comes down to the quality of the vinyl used and the pressing process. But, nothing else compares with regular old black when it comes to ability to be visually inspected for cleanliness, with translucents and clear being the worst in this regard.
Yeah coloured vinyl just plain sucks regarding surface noise but try playing picture disc's if you want Excedrin headache number 9. I'm suprised Classic did not do there homework on coloured vinyl but I'm also passing on The Who live at Leeds and Tommy until they get it together with Quality Conrol. I have heard way to much complaints about surface noise from recent releases and when a company is looking to cut back, Quality Control personel are the first to go.
I also returned the new diana krall white, very noisey!!! elusive disc exchanged it with the new 200 gram black(i have not recieved it yet) I hope it is better!!!
Its my understanding no lp's made in the USA are Virgin vinyl[EPA issues/laws].So it seems you have to buy imports to get quality virgin vinyl records.Is this still true or?Are Classic and other reissue labels records made here or abroad?JD