New Classe Monoblock CAM-200

Have anyone got a chance listen to the new monoblock CAM 200 from Classe. How much different from the ca-201. Please share some info.
I have listened to them. They sounded great! Would love to own a pair. I did not do any side by side comparison with the 201. But my instincts tell me more dynamics and better support from the mono's. I'm currently saving up for another 101. I plan to use two 101's as mono blocks.(Fits into the budget better) I here they work pretty good that way. I will soon find out.
Thanks for the response. Had anyone else?
Just want to keep the post active. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
haven't heard the 200's but the CAM350's ROCK!!! all of the strengths of Krell with none of what some consider Krell's weaknesses (i.e. so detailed and unforgiving in treble range that your ears pop)..with all of Classe's traditional virtues. prefer the 350's to the CA400. FWIW my 0.02
I bought a pair about 6 weeks ago, not even broke in yet and it sounds better than my Theshold T-400