new Classe Delta line

I have several current and legacy Classe components; they're taking the whole line upscale, it seems. That CAP-2100 will be around $5K. My dealer seems a bit miffed at the move, as it will probably shrink his Classe clientele to a wealthier few.
Interesting pictures, cosmetics appear to be an improvement over the current look but what is up with the LCD screens?? A sign of things to come perhaps.

I spoke to Classe a while ago and was told that the new line would cost substantially more - any word on final prices yet? The high-end industry trend seems to be towards making more affordable products but Bryston & Classe seem to be moving in the opposite direction.
FYI, just read a bit in the new S'phile mentioning that Classe has hired one of the designers from Madrigal/Mark Levinson(the brand, not the guy), and he was involved in the new line. Perhaps some of his influence has contributed to the higher pricing and change in direction...
Cheers, Spencer
Hello everyone. I saw the new Delta series at the Montreal HiFI show this year, and most of them had prices on them. In general, prices have shot up by about 50-100% depending on the product. I personally don't like the look of them that much; I thought I would, but after seing them in person, I don't like them as much as the last series. It's actually kind of hard to tell some of the components apart from one another; they all look very similar in styling. They are trying to price themselves in the same league as Levinson and Krell, to increase profits, I would imagine.
Some of the new prices I noticed:

-new basic surround pre(NO balanced outs/ins) was $6500CAN,
about a $2000-2500 increase.
-new monoblock 400watt(I think) had a sticker saying
$11000CAN. It did not indicate that was for the pair.
-The next up-up surround preamp was $9000, up from the SSP-60 price of about $6500 here in Canada.

Other prices were all increased much the same. Some, like the top end surround pre had prices to be determined. I don't remember the exact prices, but their new universal transport and cd player were all very expensive as well.
I was disappointed. I've seen pics of the inside of one of their new amps(?ca-2100)-not very impressive for the price.
I think we can say good-bye to Classe as we once new it.