New Classe Delta amps and stereo pre amp

The Classe website has announced that the new Delta amps and stereo processor will be ready next month. I will be curious to learn more about them.
Last year at Axpona the Classe room sounded very good. They talked about a new set of instruments and promised they would be even better than the ones they used at the show. I will look for them this year. 
I am curious, too; though I think their pricing has moved out of my bracket.
If Class D. ?
no thanks
Not likely, with this kind of bandwidth
1Hz – 650kHz

and weight
102.3 lbs (46.4 kg)

and ability to increase wattage from 8ohms to 4ohms to 2ohms
250W / 8Ω
500W / 4Ω
350W / 2Ω
300W / 8Ω
600W / 4Ω
1000W / 2Ω

No Class-D could do this sort of doubling.

Cheers George

The amps are not class D. The preamp seems to be a significant update of the CP-800; by which I mean, similar features + phono. The MSRP if $12,000 is twice as much.