New Classe CRCD All-In-One? Anyone heard it?

Classe just released an all-in-one similar in concept to the NAD L-40 and Linn Classik.

Has anyone heard or seen the CRCD? If you have, how does it compare to the Linn? Price?
boy, i wonder if classe has plans to expand its product line to include toasters and other kitchen appliances. i doubt i could sell my spouse, tho, on a multi-channel food processor. -cfb
Kelly, the Boulder and Rowland stuff just won't fit in the bedroom. What's a 'phile to do?
jeff: just an attempt at humor. the classe piece actually looks kinda' interesting for a kitchen or office. i'd like to hear the price, too (in USD). -cfb
Kelly- the cost of a multi-channel food processor? I realize things are slightly more relaxed out in your neck of the woods, but I am sure you can find one of them. But will it tend to the westies? :)
I own two Linn Classik's; one in my bedroom with four B&W LM1's and the other in an office system with a pair of ProAc Tablette 2000's. I went from the NAD L-40 to the Linn (big step up)and not able to leave well enough alone wonder if the Classe is worth getting rid of one (or both) Classiks? A pet peeve of mine, why list stuff on a website and not include the MSRP?
I bought one for my soon to be in-laws. They wanted an all in one unit. Sounds nice considering it's so compact. I liked it a lot better than the Linn. Retails for roughly 2k. I bought mine for far less.