New Classe CD Player, information or review?

Classe has a new CD player, the CDP-10. I would appreciate any input from anyone that has heard or owns the player.
A friend took delivery of a pair last week and I also heard them at a major NY dealer. Incredible (after a good break-in period)in all respects. While didn't compare them with similarly priced players, or higher priced, I can say that they were among the best I have ever heard. Also, I received an e-mail from someone in Canada who related that dealers in Canada were already considering the unit as good or better than the older cdp 1, which was I believe some $4000.
Thanks Dne. The CDP-1 was one of my favorite players..liked
it better than the ML-39, ARC-CD-2, Sony XA7ES..and others that
I owned.

I am trying to find a dealer that has one I can listen to.

I am also trying to find out if the audio section is discrete
transistors or op-amps.

Thanks, Jim