New CDP - Matching Specs Proceed Components

Budget: 2-5K. I understand that matching the input and output Ohms rating on separate components is ideal when possible.

I have a Proceed AVP2 +6, matching AMP 5, both powered and passive speakers for 2-channel and HT. I'm asking your help to select a matching Stereophile A+ or grade A disk type component. Redbook Cd reproduction is primary, multi-channel secondary but very nice, too.

New is good, and older could certainly be right, too. My AVP2's Ohms: Analog out 10, Digital out 75, and Digital inputs are 75 (S/PDIF) and 110 (AES/EBU).

Issues I need help with:

1. Would you try to match the Ohms?

2. The AVP2's DAC's are great. Would just a CD Transport be best? The gent whom I bought the AMP 5 recommended it.

My OPPO 981 for direct multichannel is okay. The Tandberg sounds better balanced musically in 2-channel.

My Tandberg 3011A tuner's preouts also sound great connected directly to my powered main fronts. I'm considering a disk component that can be connected directly to my powered fronts, through the AVP, and can be used as a processor, too (digital inputs). A Levinson 39 connected directly to my fronts or through the AVP may sound great for redbook CD's.

Newer players would have less hours and service is important for an older component. The matching Proceed CDP's has certain service issues w/parts. I'm considering the Levinson No. 39, 390S, Meridians and Wadia's, Cary's. Player's with digital in's and possible USB for updates may be the most versatile addition.

The newer units I'm looking at are Ayre's Cx7e and C-5xe, Bryston BCD-1, Sony's SCD-XA9000ES, all in Stereophiles A+ rating.

On the forums, modified Jolida 100 tube players, Audio Research, Lynn, Accuphase all get good comments on musical sound quality, so, I'm completely open to recommendations.

2-channel redbook music reproduction is my main goal - I believe I can get by with the OPPO for HT and if necessary, multi-channel. I have DVD-A's and SACD's.

However, a high end multi-disk unit like the Ayre is stretching it yet in reach.

Experiences and thoughts are very much appreciated. This market is very limited for hands on demonstrations. TY

Connection note: The Proceed AVP2 +6 and AMP 5 have true balanced and RCA connections. The AVP has direct multi-channel RCA's. Thanks