New cdp.

I'm moving my Marantz 5001 into a bedroom so I'm looking for something to replace it with. Currently, I have B&K pre and amp(ref 200.2) and a Cambridge Audio Dacmagic, for computer use. Paradigm Studio 40's for speaks. I was thinking in the $500.00 give or take. I was thinking of these:
Cambridge Audio 540 or 640
Music Hall Maverick?
Rotel 1072 (used)

Or should I wait a little longer and put some more money into it? I have the dac, but I don't have to use it if I like the sound of the cdp better. Listen to mostly rock and alternative with some acoustic and motown stuff thrown in. Actually, almost everything but country and jazz.
i'd go with the cambridge, which is an excellent transport, and use the dacmagic. beetter yet, i'd get the 340c model and save some bux--it'll sound the same with the dac as the higher-proced model.
Be bold. Buy a refurb Sony 595 for $60 at Sony Style. If you don't like it they will take it back and refund all your money. Great sound, great price. It may change your thinking on price/value for all the audio products you buy.
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I was leaning towards the Cambridge anyway. I have seen the 340 for about $330 new, haven't seen one used though. I've also seen the 540&640 going for around that same price used, that's why I considered them. I found one authorized dealer with nib 640c v2 for $349.00. Thanks as always for your responses.