New CD player required

Its time to upgrade my well loved Sony 555ES - I am running a Sony 555es as a transport threw a Pink Triange DaCapo DAC , LFD LS1 pre , LFD PA2M (SE)power Amp and a
Pr of B&W 802F speakers with a REL Stadium 111.
But my cd player is starting to skip on the odd cd so Im wondering if anyone can recommended a good CD player to match my system !
Do I go to a single box player or just upgrade the transport ??
As I live in New Zealand I cant demo many top end players !
Im thinking about - Bryston BCD-1 or Lyngdorf CD1 or maybe just a Theta transport threw the Pink triangle DAC.
I think the Sony XA5400ES is a steal and world class for both RB and SACD:O)
If available in NZ, look for Sony 595. They show up in the US refurb market and are a great value. You can use it as a transport, but its DAC's are also great. No need to spend more.
since you have a goo dac already, i'd look for a decent transport and save some dough. you haven't specified a budget, but at sub-$500us i'm partial to cambridge audio 540/640; used arcam or rega jupiter/appollo are also just fine