New CD Player or Turntable

OK. I know this is a REAL general question and there are many variables to consider but, I wanted to ask this very open-ended question just to allow for myriad of responses: Within the next month or so, I'll have $1.3k burning a whole in my pocket. Shouild I take it and buy an analog system or sell my current digital source and combine it with the $1.3k and upgrade the digital source? I have lots of CDs, 2+yrs) so headphones will be the way. BTW, I just sold the Senns and am planning on migrating to AKG K1000s. Thanx for the consideration experienced insights y'all provide. Please see my Head Case system for background.
Nevermind. I forgot my integraded doesn't have a phono stage. Duhh. Too many Christmas margaritas.
Most people around here use an external phono stage. So you can still go vinyl.
Tell yourself what format do I enjoy the most? Myself I enjoy vinyl more than I do digital. Than set aside more for the format that you enjoy and go for it.
I have one of those small box phono stages which is quite affordable. I have dedicated vinylphile friends who think its great. Its the Redgum phono stage from Australia. It wont break your budget if you buy a modest complete TT like an MMF-5 from music Hall. I got both from an Agon dealer Quest for Sound. That being said Vinyl is a very big committment but nothing rivals the sound IMHO. There are too many other factors that should enter into your decision to list here.