new cd player or old

Hi-I am trying to upgrade the sound of my cd source from a horrible old toshiba dvd player-I have about $300-500 to spend. What gives better sound-a quality used cd player from 10 years ago, or a new NAD player? Thanks.
What gives better sound-a quality used cd player from 10 years ago, or a new NAD player?

Why does it have to be as far back as 10 years ?

There are some respectable cd players that are in your price range ( Jolida JD 100 is one example ) and isnt 10 years old.
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go for the sony 595 as a refurb from sonystyle for about $60. if you don't like it they will come and get it. check it out as it is one of the best units available often beating $2K units.
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Get the Cambridge DAC, excellent sound for the money.
The issue missing in other posts is the factor of age related failures. A single small capacitor failing can cause total failure of the CD player. (Easy to fix if you are a techie, but not worth it if you have to pay someone else.)
Also specialized parts in general for old players are NOT available. If you plan on buy, it breaks, toss! then you will be ok with an older player.
SO.. If you go for an old, high quality player, remember, it will not be worth, or possibly able to be fixed if it breaks.
Also am having same confustion to buy new cd player
becoz recently I have sold my MARK LEVINSON cd player and go for new one. In my mind one of from these players for to keep long. My other compnents are Pass XA30.5/Pass pre/Dynaduio speakers/Siltech cables. Anyone suggest me for good player on experience which will help me lot.

A) The new player from Sony........XD5400SE (CD/SACD)
B) NAD Master series...............M5 (CD/SACD)
C) YAMAHA..........................CD2000 (CD/SACD)
D) BRYSTON ........................BCD-01 (ONLY CD)
E) CAMBRIDGE Audio.................840C (ONLY CD)
My second systems source of marantz with your new DAC

HI-Thakns for the suggestions. I purchased an NAD and I am really surprised how much better it sounds than my old unit-right out of the box. Recommended for anyone thinking of an inexpensive cd player.
Which NAD model did you buy?