New CD Player or Existing CD Player as Transport to a DAC?

I have a Bryston BCD-1 and Bryston just came out with the BCD-3 for $3500.00
So my question is: would I be getting a better listening experience if I sell the BCD-1 and buy the BCD-3.
Or would the playback be just as good or better, if I kept the BCD-1 for a transport and bought a new DAC like a Benchmark, Berkeley Audio or Mytek and connected my Bryston to that?

Thank  you for reading this.

If you are considering DACs such as Mytek or Benchmark vs a CDP, then I suggest using your Bryston as a transport and buying one of these excellent DACs.
They can do double-duty for streaming or computer audio and I believe can output directly to an amp.
Don’t forget to factor in the cost of a high quality digital cable (coax recommended).
Here's another thought, although I don't disagree with lowrider57 and maxboy00.
Contact a dealer that carries the Bryston brand, etc. and ask them their opinion. Perhaps they have heard both CDP's and or can recommend a Dac or what to do.

Though I agree that buying a DAC and using the BCD-1 as a transport provides opportunity to expand sources and bypass a preamp stage, I find myself wondering what sonic improvement one would get regarding redbook CD playback. Probably boils down to the budget allocated towards a DAC and type of digital media to be played through it.
I crossed the same bridge a month ago and bought a DAC with two coax inputs. I use one input for the CDP and the other for my streaming box. BDA-3 would be an excellent option if it fits within your budget or a used BDA-2 for less money - my personal favorite. They substituted one of the coax SPDIF inputs from RCA to BNC (110 ohm vs. 75 ohm) in the newer model if that matters to you.