New CD Player or DAC

I'm interested in purchasing a new higher performance CD player to mate w/ my Tri-Vista integrated amp. It's not that I am dissatisfied w/ the Musical Fidelity A3.2, but it's performance is not as high as some units I've heard. As a convenience, it would be nice to stay w/ the Musical Fidelity equipment. My question is has anyone performed any direct comparison of the Tri-Visa SACD player, and the Tri-Vista DAC 21 that is available. The difference in price, even used is quite a bit. I know the DAC is updated from the limited edition SACD player, but do the surrounding parts provide increased performance from the A3.2 and the external DAC? If anyone has input on this dilemma, please feel free to offer, as the price of the SACD plater is 3x the DAC. Thanks in advance for any feedback.