New Cd-pl give me a hint? Audia, Audio Aero, Arye


Ned som help!

I've narrowed the field I can buy a new Audia Flight CD One, Arye CX7e or a use Aero Capitole REF.

Can owners of either share their experiences?

Also, how does the Arye CX7e compare to the Audia Fligt cd one.

What kind of ranking order?

I would like to have some opinions?

Here is want i want:

natural. very very god Voices, tremendous detail, clarity, air, space, Ultra-wide sound-stage.

The pris for the Aero Capitole REF is 1430$ more shut i do it?

Kindly regarts Tonny Denmark
I haven't heard the Audia nad Ayre, but I have extensively listened to Capitole Reference (and owned Capitole mk II Signature) and can only say that MBL1531 is MILES better than AA. Better bass, more body, better stage depth, and more resolved highs. I really wanted to like Audio Aero, but eventually got the MBL.