New Cassablanca II

I am seriously considering on the purchase of a new Theta cassablanca II. The unit's flexibity and upgradability is one of the many primary reasons of choosing this unit. The company also claim that this is one unit that will serve as both an audiophile grade pre-amp and hometheater. understanding the standard set by this claim,if anyone has experience with the Theta Cassablanca your help will be much appreciated.
I have a casanova it is great.I never heard the casablanca2,but I am sure I would hear similar qualities.The 24/96 proc is awesome.I am using a synergistic reference powercord on it with excellent results.hope this helps......
Theta makes excellent processors. They don't really process signals at 24/96 though as Theta uses 20 bit dacs and not 24 bit ones. Yeah I know, there is no such thing as a true 24 bit dac, but there are dacs capable of better than 20 bit resolution. The Casablanca II is certainly one of the best sounding units on the market and the most upgradable. I strongly considered one and auditioned a friend's unit extensively. Only one processor that I have heard sounded better and that was the Cal Audio Labs SSP-2500 which I purchased. There are trade offs with both units. The Theta is much more flexible though Cal Audio has left room for upgrade.Cal lacks balanced outputs which I had no need for, and at present only offers 5.1 channels but I am sure that a Dolby 7.1 upgrade will be forth coming. The video switcher can switch HDTV component signals with NO SIGNAL Degradation which is a very big deal to me. I would be comfortable buying either unit. With the Cal you do get better sonics but Theta is so upgradeable with a possible 9.1 channels! It will likely be a very long time before it is obsolete. Also with the standard changing for digital to analog conversion, Theta could change the dacs with less hassle than most processors. DAC upgrades are possible with the Cal unit but not to the extend of Theta. I chose the Cal unit because of the superior sonics but Theta is not far behind. Check out Widescreen Review for a review of the Cal unit. The reviewer found it to be the best sounding processor that he has ever heard.
Come over to the Audio Video Improvement and Special Guest forum at and read my review of the Casablanca 2. Do a "search" for Casablanca to find it, as its about 4-5 weeks old now. I've had the Casablanca for three years now and the 2 is a MAJOR improvement - I'll be you that the Casablanca 2 with Superior DACS all around (that's me) will eat up the Meridian 861! Its a real winner all around!
Try posting in the Hometheater section. You will get a greater response.