New Cary DMS 700

 I have the 600 and it is a great piece. 

The 700 looks to be on the next level. Ladder dac
Hi Guys! I'm going to order the Cary DMS 700 for my audio system. I asked for Cary DMS 600 but it is out of stock. So, I have to wait for DMS 700. I have some comparison about these 600 and 700. In dms 600 it has the Blutooth input and output. DOES the 700 one has the same blutooth signals like 600. Thanks for replying me.
The problem is the price. Realistically, it should cost max $4000. I am certain Denafrips Ares II R2R is not worse that it at $1k price
This is the Cary claim 6moons disputed:
" Not content using an R2R Ladder DAC alone, Cary says it also incorporated an FPGA chip that works in conjunction with the DAC to make sure no crossover distortion is present, “for an extremely coherent and smooth sound.” While there's several brands employing FPGA DACs already, and less utilising R2R Ladder DACs, Cary said that “almost no one uses both.”

Dispute by Ebaen:
"Did you see it? Let's break it down. First, they make a mega fuss over the AK4497 as though they designed it. They did not. They simply bought an off-the-shelf part. The 4-channel top AK4499 version already shows up in the S.M.S.L. M400 we just reviewed. That's $800,not $8'000. You'd expect self-congratulatory noise from Asahi Kasei the chip's inventor, not one of their buyers. Then comes "few companies use FPGA DACs and even fewer use R2R ladder DACs. Almost no one uses both." Either ABC haven't a clue; or they expect their buyers to be clueless. Quite a few companies use FPGA and R2R. In fact, the number of companies using discrete R2R keeps growing. In China alone off the top of my head there are Audiogd, Denafrips and Musician. Looking west, we get to stalwarts Aqua Hifi, LessLoss, MSB and TotalDAC. None of them craw over using an off-the-shelf part. They all roll their own discrete R2R networks. Those of course are controlled by guess what, custom FPGA code. How about Aries Cerat, Audio Note, Computer Audio Design, LampizatOr, Metrum, MHDT, Schiit and Sonnet? Do none of them count?
To top it off: "Using FPGA alone as a DAC is not a good idea unless you think company X's local or outside solitary software engineer is more capable than the teams of engineers at giant chip makers not likely."
Either ABC haven't heard of Ed Meitner, Andreas Koch, PS Audio, Chord; Co.; or they trash-talk them. Either way, 'twas a sorry day of fake news. Did those belong into our newsroom?Not! It's why I erased the machine's identity. The poor thing is perfectly innocent. It could sound stunning. That's not the issue. The issue is with the copywriter. Promoting a new product with such dubious claims is a sad new low. Hopefully hifi press outlets won't run with this release as is. And since we're still with the current administration, to the copywriter we say: "You're fired!" Now I feel better. Sorry, sometimes spleen just needs venting
We will find out soon enough.  Been quite a few units sold. 
The Aurender A10 is 5500
The Lumin T2 is 4500
Ps Audio Direct Stream w/ bridge is 6899
Mytec Manhattan w/ network card is 6999

Even though Cary will tell you to run a preamp for best results, I ran the DMS 600 directly into a pair of monos for a year. I the added a swarm sub system and it was easier for me to integrate a pre. I added a Rogue RP 7 tube linestage. It added a better bottom ( without the swarm ) and a little more air.  It was not night and day,so the Cary sounds damn good as a stand-alone and with the connectivity you can certainly use it as a digital pre-amp.   

Street price will be right in line with features and SQ.  
I'm just now looking @ the 600 - though in my quest and more so confusion.   What's the best way to connect a music server/streamer?

USB as in the McIntosh C53?