New Cary Audio Gear?

Unfortunately I didn’t make it anywhere close to this years CES. But I recently went to Cary’s website and they have a list of new equipment that was on display at the show.

If you go to they mention these new products but …nothing in-depth.

Anyone get to hear or see/ listen to their new equipment? How do they look and sound? Anyone know where I can get more information or see pics of the new gear? Specifically the new SLP 308 vacuum tube preamplifier and their new speakers?

On a side note…I also have been wondering if the new CDP 308 would be an upgrade over my 303-100…I have done minimal comparisons between these two units.
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I have a CD308 and I like it better than a 303/100, although the difference is VERY minimal unless you are utilizing the balanced connections, then the 303/100 is a wee bit tidier. Barely. Certainly not worth selling your 303/100(probably $1000) and buying a 308(probably $1250 discounted) plus other costs unless you need the volume control. Add a grand if you are thinking of the tubed version of the 308, sound...better but not a grand better although the gain stage on the tubed version is DOUBLE the standard 308(no need for a pre....hmmmmm).

The new cary speakers are cool looking and have some great drivers(scanpeak I believe). Check out Tyler Acoustics Linbrooks, same drivers, an extra midbass in each for alot less money, especially when Ty is auctioning a pair as he is now. Street price used around $2k. EVERYONE who has them would kill you if you touched them!

Look for Cary to dip their toe into the uppermost mass market price points like the CD 308 to attract a wider following.