New Cary 308-T

Anyone care to comment on the sound of the new Cary Audio 308-T. Either pre amp or direct output from DAC to amp.


answered some of my own thought after seeing whatjd's quiry on 12/12 of same 308T. Reading the reviews on audioassylum. Most seem to like and some do detract feeling that a used 303/306 offer more for less. I have lived with mine now about 2 mos. and can honestly say that it is every bit as good as the older 303/100 and better in some areas of pace and timing than either 303 or 306. It absolutely blows the 301 tube player away in every area of performance. That with the stock JAN tubes.Into a ARC SP-9mkII and quicksilver amps/ MG 3.3's Alpha Core Goertz connects...seems like a good place to insert a couple of Mullards CV004 and see what that does!
I've just had my 308-T for about a week, with almost 24-7 use to help it settle in. I quickly replaced the stock tubes with Mullard long plate 12au7's (I was able to buy 3 pairs here some time ago), and I am very impressed so far. I previously owned the 303-200 and it's a great player, but with the tubes, I'm much happier with the 308-T. More body, just more musical to my ears! Happy Listening and Happy Holidays!