New cartridge selection: help wanted

OK heading towards finish line with TT system upgrade for my secondary rig.  Having trouble deciding on the cartridge.

So far:  

Table: Feickert Volare
Arm: Audiomods Series 6

Cartridges I'm considering:

Hana ML or SL
Audio Technica AT0C9MXL or ART-9Xi
Lyra Delos
Dynavector XX-2

Rest of system:

EAT Petit phono stage, Classe DR5 linestage, Pass XA25 amp, Joseph Audio Pulsar 2.

The cost spread on the above options is roughly $500 to $2000, the latter is my limit for this set up.

Leaning towards the Delos, which has been offered at a nice discount.  But I'm a little concerned that it may sound a little lean into what is a quite high resolution system.  I love the dynamics and detail of the Lyra otherwise.

Have never listened to the Dynavector or Audio Technica's.  I have a Hana EL, which is very nice for the cost, but loses a lot of detail compared to the Lyra.

Anyone with experience that can advise?
i have both the at art9 (older non x) and the dyna xx2 - i run them in my well tempered labs amadeus

to me, the art 9 is a wonderful all arounder, doesn't do anything badly, sounds very refined yet impactful, but the dyna xx2 has more resolution and sweetness at the same time - it is a very alluring cartridge

can't go wrong with either
I have owned the Dyna XX-2MKII and the AT OC-9MLII. I think the OC-9 is wonderful--a sleeper and overachiever at that price point. I just saw a used low mile one come on recently here for like $300. You may want to grab it and be done. I doubt the other carts on your list will significantly outperform it but I haven't heard the Lyra (in my system) or the Hana (ever). The ART9 is better still--by a noticeable amount. One of the best carts I've ever owned. Let me add for your consideration one of the appropriately priced Charisma Audio cartridges. If you want something very balanced, even-handed, tonally correct but uncolored, dynamically agile, durable--something to consider. I'm using a Signature One which is at the top of the range but they have carts lower down the line that offer exceptional value and performance. Hope this helps.
It's in the MM family (moving permalloy actually), not MC, but I absolutely love what the Nagoaka MP500 is doing for my system.  A very musical, clear, dynamic, and well refined cart with a huge soundstage and excellent separation.
Soundsmith zephyr mimc star
The Ortofon Cadenza Bronze is a good all rounder often chosen for audio show demos.  I read many consider the Kiseki Purple Heart punches significantly above it’s price point
Lyra Delos all the way. One of the best carts I've ever heard.
Dear @bobbydd :  With out doubt the best of your list is the Audio Technica ART 9 but not the X1 but the XA.

Now, if you can stretch a little your budget the road to go is the Hana Umami Red that no one of the cartridges named in the thread can " touch  "  it.

Reghards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
Appreciate the input so far.

Reminder: my budget is limited to $2K.

Unami Red is double - so no go.

I'm leaning toward one of the Audio Technica models versus the Lyra.  Want detail but tonal accuracy as well.
I would suggest buying a Goldring MC ( excellent value for money ) that matches the Audiomods very well ( I put that combo on a Platine Verdier I sold ) or  Audiotechnica ATM33Ptg and put the extra money to a new phono stage.
I have a friend who has the EAT Petit - there are far better phono stages for not a lot more.

If you’re worried about a lean sound consider an SPU Royal N for something full bodied. The arm looks to have options with a high enough effective mass. The cartridge is a natural for classical music but can rock if care is taken in setting it up, pay attention to the tightness of the armplate mounting bolt and counterweight locking screw, just enough to hold it, which is not very much at all was key on a Schröder arm, too tight and it sounds too laid back.
New phono stage not in the cards for this system.

EAT selected for the following criteria:

high gain, up to 70 db
easily selectable loading on the fly
rumble filter
good performance for the money

The rumble filter is critical, as I get feedback in this system where it's located.  Neither of my ARC phono stages provide ALL those features, as few of any brand to my knowledge.

Lots of cartridge suggestions here, which I appreciate.
Yeti42, the SPU is an antiquated chisel that should be relegated to museums. It also requires a boat anchor tonearm which the Audiomods is not. It is an intermediate mass arm consistent with most modern cartridges and an excellent value at that.
Dear @bobbydd : I said " if you can stretch " You can’t then with closed eyes I will go for the AT XA. Delos are not even close.

If you want the most involving and organic sound from modern LOMC look for Miyajima Kansui ! 
Delos for the win.  Takes ~ 100 hrs to smooth out,  it will sound bright and exaggerated prior to.  
Then it becomes a proper sounding vinyl cartridge.  
It thought the Ortofon Cadenza had a big sound stage, the Delos is bigger noticeably so.  Dynamics and speed are considerable.  
Love the AT ART9 but it cannot compare to the Lyra.  
Zphyr MIMC star is handily beat by the ART9 so it is not even close.  
Have you compared the new low output ART9Xa to the Delos? I’d consider that AT to be the proper comparator to the Delos.