New cartridge no sound

I got yhe Shure MX 97e for my Scoutmaster and did a slow careful setup following instructions to the letter.


All went to the matching color n my JMW Memorial tonearm:
Red  -right hot. Green  right ground. White  left hot.
Blue  left ground.
Tonearm level, cartridge in the right position as per VPI instructions, went to spin a record and got no sound. I plugged the turntable into my phono preamp on my Rotel pre-arp thus eliminating my Phonomena phono stage.
What gives. Every other source in my system works, as does my pre-amp and amp.
Make sure the connector from the tonearm to the junction box is plugged in all the way. It should kind of "snap" in. It might look like it's plugged in, but make sure it really is.

Also make sure the stylus is pushed all the way into the cartridge body since it is removeable and might not be seated all the way in.
Are you saying that your cartridge works when plugged into the Rotel pre-amp but does not work when used with the Phonomena phono stage?
The phono input on your Rotel preamp does not allow you to plug a turntable directly into it. You are suppose to plug your phonostage into it. In your case, you are suppose to plug the Scoutmaster into the phonostage, and your phonostage into your preamp.