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So the time has come to start thinking about a replacement for my Ortofon HMC 20. My budget is $800-900 I listen mostly to rock a small amount of jazz and some folk.I generally like a well balanced sound nothing lean or bright. The table it will go on is a Pro-ject 2 Xperience with the 9c arm(carbon tube and bonded aluminium head shell) It is running into a PS Audio GCPH directly into jolida JD-502p.I had thought about trying a Benz Ace S not sure which output. I am also considering the Ortofon 2M black.I look forward to any other suggestions. Thanks in advance for all of you help.
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The 2m black is an excellent cartridge in your budget range. It is my go to MM cartridge. For an MC cartridge, try a Dynavector 17d3 or Ortofon Cadenza. The Benz Glider is also a good performer. Each of these have good balance without being too aggressive in the treble. With the adjustment availability in the GCPH, any of them will work well. I also use a GCPH in my den system.
Have you used the Dynavector 17d3if you have can you tell me a Little about it's sound. It looks very interesting on spec and seems to be a good fit according to vinyl engine's resonance calculator.If anyone else has used the Dynavector 17d3 please feel free to chime in.
Although it's *below* your budget, the AudioTechnical AT150MLX is a quick and linear performer, with nice MM body but good low level detail, with excellent frequency extension with tight bass and smooth highs. Since you're considering the Ortofon 2M Black, a similarly priced MM would be the Clearaudio Aurum Beta S MK II MKII Wood phono cartridge. Given the great reviews a closely related version received in association with the Marantz TT15 turntable.

If you go LOMC, you'll probably get more for your money from a Denon or Audio Technica in your price range, such as a Denon DL-S1 or Audio Technica OC9/III.