New cartridge for Rega P3-24

I have been really enjoying my Rega Exact 2 for the past several years, but a broken cantilever is now making it necessary to replace the whole cartridge. My budget is $500-600 new. I'd rather try something different at this point, and not buy another Exact 2. I'm also planning on continuing to use the built-in MM phono stage of my Rogue Audio Cronus amp. I'm considering the new Clearaudio Artist v.2 Ebony, Ortofon 2M Bronze, and Dynavector 10x5. What are you using on your Rega tables, and are you happy with what you've got ? And yes, I know I'll need a spacer under my Rega RB-301 tonearm. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.
I used a Dynavector 10x5 for years on a Rega 250 arm. Very satisfied with the overall sound.
Hi Adam - my brother just put the Dynavector on his Nottingham table that has a Rega arm, and it sounds quite good. I know many Rega owners love the Dynavector. Be aware that it may require buying some spacers to install a different cartridge on the Rega.
Thanks Jj and Aaron.... That's two votes for the Dynavector. Other thoughts out there ?
I'm using an Ortofon 2M Bronze on my P3 2000 and am really quite happy with things. I'm playing records and enjoying them, sometimes buying more vinyl, not worrying about my system very much -- or at all, even.

One very cool thing about the Ortofon: It's got a user-replaceable stylus. And you can upgrade, too. The Bronze and the Black share the same body, so, if you get the Bronze and really like it, when the time comes for a new stylus, whether because of wear, an accident, or just from getting the upgrade itch, you can spring for a Black replacement stylus and you'll be good to go.

-- Howard
Check out the Goldring Eroica High-Output MC. Very nice cart for the money, a good fit for the Rega and a big step up, IMO, from the Exact. A bit over budget ($750), but only a little. You might not need a spacer, not that it's a big deal.
Another to put on your list to check out is the Nagoaka MP-500.
Any thoughts on the SoundSmith Otello ?
Check out Acoustic Signature spacers for the Rega. Easy to install.

I had a Soundsmith Otello for a few weeks. Flat, uninspiring to my ear. My current cart, Ortofon LOMC Salsa has super detail up top, but a little edgy and doesn't have the bass response I liked about Denon.

I have a Denon 301mk2 LOMC on the way. Will post impressions later in the week.
Well, after a lot of reading and talking to dealers, I made a decision and just ordered the Nagaoka MP-150 from NeedleDoctor. I wanted to stay at a particular "affordable" price point this time around, and really desire a "musical" cartridge that will match will with my table and my LP collection. The MP-150 will not require a spacer under my Rega arm, and should get along quite nicely with my Rogue's phono stage. I'm really excited about this purchase, and I will post my experiences once it's mounted and broken in.
Well, today my local "stereo tech guy" installed the new MP-150 onto my RB-301 arm using the simple alignment protractor that originally came with my table. No spacers under the arm mount, and a minor raising of the cueing lift bar .... I brought the table home, hooked it back up into my system and started playing records. After just two hours out of the box, I am very, very impressed with the Nagaoka MP-150 cartridge. Sonny Rollins, Gene Ammons, Dave Brubeck, Allman Brothers Band, Cat Stevens, and Joni Mitchell all sounded absolutely fantastic. This cartridge, within the context of my system, is well balanced with realistic top to bottom musical range, throws a wide and deep soundstage, tracks perfectly, minimizes surface noise, gets deep into the grooves without any harshness or analytical edge, seems truthful to both musical timbre and tone, has just the right "PRAT" to complement my table and arm, and seems to be a wonderful means through which to enjoy the music. I will report back after another 20 - 30 hours of burn-in, but so far ..... so good.
Twenty hours later ..... This Nagaoka MP-150 is a terrific cartridge. Rather than getting caught up in all of our usual "audiophile jargon," let me simply say that all my original thoughts from my 8-22-13 posting have been reinforced and the sound of music is sublime. I am enjoying my records more than ever before.