new Cartridge for Rega P1

New speakers have really revealed some deficiencies in my vinyl listening. Records sound muddy and boxy compared to CD’s. I’m after a more bright mid and highs. I also get some IGD. My TT/cartridge is about 13 years old.

My setup is Rega P1 w Elyse (purple), NAD PP1, Marantz 5009, NAD CD, ascend sierra 2 & rythmic F12 sub.

Budget is < 250. Pref ~100. Based on other threads, I’ve been considering Rega Bias2 or Elyse 2, Ortophon Red&Blue, Nagaoka MP 110. Probably the Nagoaka is of the most interest although the rega cartridges would be easier to install.

I’d probably install it myself. So I’d like to avoid anything where I need spacers.  But I've done it before.

Any recs?


I can tell you from experience that the Elys 2 has extended highs, but many vocals will sound sibilant. It does not do very well with the high-end frequencies.

The Ortofon 2m Blue is a "best buy" cart. It performs well overall and has a good high-end response without being too bright.

I’ve been thinking about the Blue or the Nagaoka MP 110. But I’ve also been eying the Denon DL110 as an MC. But it’s about 100 bucks more than the MP110.

btw just realized the rega is a P2.
Hi Wolfernyc ..... For what it's worth, I have a Rega P3-24 with a Nagaoka MP-150 cartridge, and the sound of music is sublime.  The Nagaoka gets along quite nicely with the Rega arm (no spacers or shims needed) and was fairly easy to install (according to my local tech guy who installed it for me.)  Before the Nagaoka, I had a Rega Exact 2 which I enjoyed for many years prior to breaking the stylus.  Wanting to try something different at a more affordable price, I went with the Nagaoka and have been extremely happy with it.  So, the Nagaoka MP-110 may be a good choice for you.  Good Luck and Happy Listening !