New cartridge for my Teres/Graham setup

I am waiting for delivery on my Teres 265 which will end up haveing the Graham 2.2 arm. My present turntable has a Clearaudio Sigma Wood cartridge which is a little bright, even with my Vandersteen speakers. Any suggestions for cartridges that will mate well with the Graham?
What price range? How about a Nottingham MM or the Red Rose/Rose Petal/Myabi {$1250-3000}.The Myabi will need a phono stage of high gain {.3mv}.I have heard high praise for the MM.Has the body of the Grados with the speed and detailing of a good MC.Happy hunting.
Nice purchase!

If I were selecting a cartridge for that setup, I'd go with a ZYX R-100 Fuji - low output version. The Fuji is a world class cartridge that will run head to head with just about anything, and costs only about $2k retail. I think it would make a nice match with the Graham, and the Teres 265 TT is one of the finest made. If that combo doesn't do it for you, something is wrong somewhere. There should be no brightness concerns with that combo.
Thank you for your suggestions.