New cartridge for a VPI HW-19

I am looking for a new cartridge for my VPI Jr. It's has been upgraded with a MKIII platter and bearing and the tonearm is a Rega 300 which has been upgraded with Tara perfection wiring. I am running it thru the phono stage of a Rouge Cronus and the speaker are EFE T-22. I listen mostly to Blues and Rock music. Thanks
Be bold, try a new Shure 97. I know, I know, all say this budget cartridge will disappoint, but you need to try it and let your ears decide.
Denon DL-110. If you buy a lot of used vinyl this is a great cartridge to use.
Goldring 2400. Gutsy cartridge that works well with rock music.
I second Denon DL-110. Very good tracker!
also look at some of Benz's lower end stuff. Great company.