New cartridge

Looking into upgrading my phono cartridge. Sumiko blue point #2. I have a pro-ject 2 Xperience turntable with a pro-ject phono Box ES phono amp. Emotiva XMC pre amp with a parasound 2125 v2 power amp and AV123 Strata Mini speakers with a SVS SB 300 sub.

looking at the Nagaoka MP-200, sumiko blue point#3, also might be able to get a slightly used soundsmith Otello from a friend.



My BP#2 is 15 years old time or a change. A friend let me borrow his Soundsmith Otello. Really liked how it sounded, but again the gain forced me to turn the volume  up more than I’m comfortable with.

Thought about the Denon, don’t know if my phono amp would have enough gain.

i could stretch for the 2M black. Also thinking of the Nagaoka MP-200 or 300 as well as the A-T VM740ML.


Thanks for all the advice. I decided to go with the Blue Point #3. Since I turned in my old blue point #2, I got a $100 rebate. So far I’m pretty happy with it.