New cartridge

Looking into upgrading my phono cartridge. Sumiko blue point #2. I have a pro-ject 2 Xperience turntable with a pro-ject phono Box ES phono amp. Emotiva XMC pre amp with a parasound 2125 v2 power amp and AV123 Strata Mini speakers with a SVS SB 300 sub.

looking at the Nagaoka MP-200, sumiko blue point#3, also might be able to get a slightly used soundsmith Otello from a friend.



i do take issue comparison w $165 retail Nak 110….. lets at least help people…

and yes, Soundsmith make fine cartridges 

i am a comparison shopping robot for my second gig

He didn’t like the output. He went with a Denon DL103. Something I’m now thinking of looking into. I like the Otello, it just bothers me that I have to turn the volume of my amp up so high.Also thinking of the A-T VM740ML or VM760SLC as well as the Ortofon 2M Black or the Ortofon Quintet Blue.