New cartridge

Hi my system is as follows: Michell Gorbe TT with Origin Live Illustrious arm and Benz Micro low cartridge with trichord dino mk2. digital is Musical Fidelity KW sacd. Pre is Cyrus 7 with Cyrus psu. Power is 4 Cyrus mono x bi amping Gershman Avant Ggarde florstanders these are a Canadian 3 way speaker. Iam fairly happy with the system but I think I need more punch and dynamics from my TT. Iam considering changing my cartridge buying secondhand say around £700 to £800. Iam wondering will this give me what Iam after or do I need to change my phono amp or both? I listen to most music but pop. I like a bit of rock but, mainly acoustic, jazz, classical, folk, occasionaly electronic. Any suggestions much appreciated.
I am sure people will recommend some Lyra and Transfiguration cartridges and better phono stages.
Is your digital satisfactory in this respect? Also, you didn't mention how stable the power is, whether or not you use good power cords and vibration control devices.
Iam fairly happy with the kw sacd but it is only playing cd not the sacd layer on hybrid discs. I dont use any special power lead or vibration devices I just have the TT on a shelf thats above my system screwed to the back solid wall. This is fairly solid. The digital does have more sparkle in the highs but does not have the musicality of the TT. Any further suggestions much appreciated?
I don't know why others are not talking, and I am no expert.
You are in the UK? You could take a look at Heed Quasar phono stage at It gets a very good press and priced resonably. As for the cartridges, Benz is not really known for punch and dynamics. Lyra, Transfiguration and perhaps top of the range Audio Note IQ-3 MM should do it. Maybe better Dynavector too. carries some of them.
I like dynamics, weight, rhythm and punch as well, and also am in the process of improving my analog. For now I have Nottingham Spacedeck/Spacearm with Dyna 10X5 cartridge and Simaudio Moon LP3 phono. The cartridge and phono are not good enough, and I am thinking about Heed Quasar, Simaudio Moon LP 5.3, ASR Micro Basis or Sutherland Ph3D phono and high-end MM. Better MCs are outside of my price range at present.
Good luck in your quest.