new cart 600.00 and under

hello fellow analog lovers. A friend is picking up a VPI scout and wants a cart 600.00 and under. So far the choices are, Denon, Dynavector, and clear Audio. He does not have much experience so any suggestions would be very helpful. any clear winners among this bunch? Are there any others he should consider? Thanks
Ortofon 2m Black is nice with the VPI JMW9 if that is the arm on the Scout.
dynavector 10x5.
I currently use a Denon DL-S1 on Lenco L75 with a VPI JMW 12.5 with great results. Previously, I had it mounted on a VPI TNT with the same arm.

The cartridge is an excellent tracker and reproduces the entire range of sound very accurately. Voices and instruments sound like the real thing. I upgraded from a Denon 103R. The S1 is a big upgrade.

Comet Supply has it for $593.
Not sure of the going price, but the Dynavector 20x cartridge is excellent on the Scout. I had one for quite a while. Decided to try something different after reading Art Dudley's review on the ZU-DL103 cartridge. I should not have sold the Dynavector.
I would also recommend the DV20x. I had one and thought it was great. Also, you need to know what type phono pre your friend is going to use so that there will be no compatibility issues. The DV20x comes in low and high output versions. If the phono pre will support it, get the low output version. It sounds a lot better than the high output.
I think he is using the phono stage in the prima luna pre-amp. Does this change things?
"I think he is using the phono stage in the prima luna pre-amp. Does this change things? "
Well, yes, it certainly makes a difference ! Your friend's phono pre-amp, amp, and speakers will all contribute to the sound of music from his new VPI Scout.
System synergy is the key ! It seems highly unlikely that anyone here on Audiogon can offer proper suggestions without knowing about the rest of his system.
ok good point. He has prima luna pre-amp, rogue m150 monos, and Revel gem speakers. Thanks for the input
I recommend that you call Music Direct. They sell a lot of VPI tables and a lot of different cartridges. I'm sure they'll have a load of great suggestions at your price point. And after the Axpona show in Chicago, there may be some terrific "open box" deals. I have no affiliation with them, other than being a happy customer. By the way, your friend's system probably sounds mighty fine ..... Revel, Rogue, and PrimaLuna probably exhibit a pretty smooth and sublime synergy ! Good Luck with your search !
My favorites at the price point

1. Shure M97Xe with Jico SAS stylus
2. Goldring Gl2500
3. Dynavector 10X5
4. Soundsmith Carmen

I'm amazed at the sound from a Denon DL-110 (under $200), after trying it while I figure out what to do with a ClearAudio Maestro ($1k) that may need retipping.
I second the recommendation of the Denon Dl-S1; if you have a phono stage that can handle its low output, there are few, if any, cartridges in the sub $1500 range that can compete with it.
The Ortofon 2m Black is an outstanding cartridge at that price point.