New Caps for Nait 3


I've had (and used alot!) my Naim Nait3 for about 9 years. Recapping costs about $300. What are the signs if any that it needs to be done? Still sounds fine, but gradual degradation can be very hard to notice, and I don't often listen to other gear, so am not in a good position to tell. Should I recap?

I've been considering selling and trying a whole new approach for variety's sake (low powered tubes, high efficiency single driver speakers). Is that crazy? Should I recap before I sell, or not bother?

1. If you're considering selling it and it operates correctly, DON'T TOUCH IT until you decide NOT to sell it.

2. $300 sounds like a LOT of money to replace capacitors in a poweramp (?), but it's British, isn't it!?!? Does it operate correctly? If so, don't touch it. Caps don't wear out, altho inexpensive electrolytics can start leaking after 30 - 60 years.

3. If you can do it yourself, you could quite-affordably add some PS-cap bypass caps, etc., to improve its sound. If you can't do it yourself, probably it would cost hundred$ to have it done. What's the amp (?) worth?

4. Even with rather-insensitive Quad 989s (which could be argued to be 'single-driver' speakers), I went to a pair of SET amps this spring, ASL 805 DTs, with 50 Watts max. power. NEVER has my system sounded more like music. See for Art Dudley's review of it.
While it may be true that electrolytic caps may still function after 30-60 years it does not mean that they will function as new. Check this for a discussion of why.

Since Naim recommends replacing their caps after a period of time either:

A. some parameter of the caps changes over time that will degrade the sound of the unit or

B. Naim is running a big scam to generate extra revenue.

If you go to Naim's website they have a very active user's forum where you can find tons of info.

If you are going to sell I doubt you would recover the cost of recapping.