New cap recommendation for power amp please

I may have narrowed down the source of a 'buzz' from both speakers to a Ceraphin cap in the power in my power amp. I will ask my tech to swap it out.
I had a bad buzz a while ago that disappeared when I had some new Jensen Ceramic body -1 uf copper p/in oil signal caps installed in my power amp. However, the Jensens produced a very 'closed' sound with a loss of high frequencies. My tech replaced an original cap that was in the power circuit with an older Ceraphim cap and the sound opened up with the air and great extension in the high frequencies. The only problem was that there was an audible 'buzz' that I initially thought I could live with (not heard with medium loud music). I think I just so relieved to hear an improvement in the musical sound and much less buzz than before, that I just thought I could put up with it ... for a while.  
Now I want to get rid of the buzz. I swapped the phono and pre plus wires and even disconnected the hardwired filter to see if the buzz disappeared. But the buzz remained and I have calculated that the only thing it could be is the Ceraphim cap. My tech said the ceaphim cap maybe the wrong value for my system.
So I will have it swapped out. 
If the buzz disappears then that is a step forward. However, I need a cap that will open up the sound and high frequencies again. Does anyone have any suggestions for a cap that has these qualities? 


What amp make and model? What component specifically? Do you have the schematic? Did you check the capacitance value of the original and match it with the replacement? Did you let the Jensens break in? 

If these are small, PCB style caps, Cornell Dubelier is a great replacement for many caps.
Yes, PCB types.
Thx, I'll google Cornell Dubelier.

The amp is TS Lim Bluesky 
I haven't shehmatic but its a shame I can't post up photos on Audiogon. 
I'll check capacitances.
You can post pics in Virtual Systems or open a free dropbox account.
Try emailing the designer.
[email protected]