New cables, help

Hello and happy new year :-)

I´m seeking a new set of cables. Right now i`m using DIY Mundorf silver/gold.
My setup is Avalon Transcendent - Pass XA100,5 - ARC LS26 - Wadia 381.

What i`m seeking in a cable (speaker, interconnectors XLR) is speed, live feeling, energy, transperency, warmth and accuery.

I have tryed Cardas, Yter, Stereovox, Furutech, Nordost and Audience.
I highly recommend auditioning the CH Acoustic X-20 loom that I use. My review was of the X-15 loom, the X-20 loom that I have now is even better. Craig has cables to audition, just contact him. You've got a really nice system and it deserves the best loom to really bring out everything that it is.

Recommend Analysis Plus --Big Silver Oval for speaker and interconnects.

Team of designers also customized cables with different connections to work with my current system.
@Krell_mann, thanks.

But i cant find a homepage og anything on the web, other than you have postet...... can you help?
Speed? In a cable? Really? Are you saying that the electrons flow quicker in some cables than others? Really?

Here's the website:

RW, speed is really important once you hear it because everything, especially the attack, sounds much more lifelike.

That's one of the strengths of the Silent Source "The Music Reference", and the CH Acoustic "X-20" cables.

It's not an added speed, but a much lower noise floor and shielding that allows the subtleties or micro-details to become more evident.

Mapleshade speaker cables. Absolutely stunning in their transient speed and impact. Clarity is also quite awesome. I get the impression of an open window when I listen with them.
Before going the big buck route may I suggest you try Crimson cables? They offer a trial period so very little risk involved.
Crimson Musiclink cables are some of the best around. It has all the qualities you are looking for and much more. Practically it sounds like there is no cable at all and it costs peanuts for the way it performs.
I recommend the cables from Grover Huffman, they have great body and speed and are very neutral, after all you want to hear what your system sounds like not how to tune it.
I also recommend CH Acoustic X20 cables as they have superb dynamics - never hear any compression or congestion - fantastic tone, and exquisite detail.I also have Wadia as a source.
Analysis Plus Copper Oval IC's and Oval 9's for speaker cables. These cables, especially the speaker cables have held their own against many that have come and gone in my system.
May I suggest Clear Day Cables--their interconnects are great & their DOUBLE SHOTGUN speaker cable is out of this world as far as speed, clarity, imaging, bass. Read up on the forums here of the ppl who have used these cables & they are VERY reasonably priced for ALL the silver wire you end up getting out of it!!! Money back guarantee.

No, I am not connected with this company at all.

Jonathan Hart
You haven't tried Anti-Cables? If you want to, let me know...I have balanced interconnects and speaker cable
Maybe your problems lies elsewhere in your system,are you sure everything is okay?Like impedance poweramp versus ls26 or tubes worn out, or not matched,or look for things that might sends digital signals like umts,wireless tel.etc.

No problems elswhere, just seeking new cables ;-)

I have had Shunyata Tron Python speakercable home to audience for some weeks. Werry nice cable, problery the best bass definition i have ever heard from a cable. But it is not perfect :-(
So the search goes on.........
I use Crystal Clear Audio Opus Series. Best cables I have had in my stereo. Good Luck.
Pierre - I suggest that you try the new Zitron cables from Shunyata or the Silent Source cables. Both should be as you describe your sonic wish list.
May be you might try the new Jorma Design Unity. They remind me meeting your requirements.
Try CH acoustic X20 power cord on the pass amp (I own it and love it on my RSA DImitri, and Dartzeel 108 amp, i have also owned Pass in the past) , Elrod gold statement may also work but wont necessarily be better for the performance you are looking for ( have demoed the Elrod Gold for 5 weeks, it was excellent in bass region but midrange and top end extension was just good, ultimately not as much PRAT (foot tapping) as CH x 20. Spend the money saved on better interconnects and Speaker cable.
Interconnects: The CH acoustic X20 is definitely worth a try (lived with this for several months (thanks Craig!) and still it is on my short list as i have not made a final decision yet ( but I liked it better than Tara Gold Zero which i also listened to extensively). If you have the pocket book Jorma Prime design is very special but may not give the ultimate bass extension. Which is why I like jorma for speakers that have powered subs. Personally Im about to try the Stealth audio Sakra interconnect and compare it to the Jorma prime (both thin copper), and the Nordost Odin to the CH Acoustic X20 (both copper coated with silver)

Speaker cable: Jorma design if you have powered subs, believe it or not Tara any model u can afford is a nice balanced sound that feels " live". Unfortunately in my system CH X20 spkr cable was good but lacked the "aliveness" that i was looking for though not by much , could be system dependent. (note the X20 interconnect and power cords are very much alive sounding and in my system were much better performer than the X20 spker cable) Im also considering a triple run of Evolution acoustics, unfortunately you have to buy this one or know someone that has it to try. Word of mouth is that it is a Tara beater.

KubalA Sosna ELATION in general good but not mind blowing. It is very system dependent and worth a try since they have a generous trial period. .After trying all elation within my system including PC, Interconnects, spkr cable, I actually purchased only one item- Elation Digital that i use on a modified Sonos 90 player feeding my AUdio AERO PRESTIGE DAC input. I have tried so many digital links including the best of Purist audio, MIT, nirvana, tara, too many to list here. Elation Digital just stole my heart.
Hope this helps!
Another shout out for Mapleshade cables.
We all know that cable performance (ICs, speakers and powwer, jointly and severally) is largely system dependent: one man's cable system nirvana makes the next man's system sounding like crap.

Well, the lengthy journey finally found its destination for me.

** NORDOST FREY shotgunned speaker cables (2 to 2)single wire and matched NORDOST shotgunned jumper cables.
(why shotgunned single wires instead of bi-wires: For example, CHORD, on their website, are one of many hi-end companies abandoning bi-wires on their premium products in favour of double run single wires and jumpers as a referred route to go). IN my experiences, it made afavourable improvement also in my kit.
** Power cables performance is similarly VERY VERY system dependent. I recently modded an ECOSSE double run set wth FURUTECH gold Plug and Gold IEC --- the improvement there was also not subtle.It was different from the incumbent cable, so that component is still a WIP,as I still use the incumbents.

MY EVALUATION (FWIW): each new cable individually showed improvements over what it replaced.

BUT ..... when it was an all-NORDOST cables kit, it completely slayed ALL the competition by a quamtum leap margin even brand new out of the box.

Dynamics and attack were now unparalled. The soubdstage was much morev expansive L to R and also front to back.
I also now had an extra half octave of crisp and punchy bass - that caught me completely by surprise.

But upon reflection, system synergy simply had been validated.