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I'm new to the forum, at least in so far as posting goes, but I have used it for reviews in the past.  I recently made an equipment upgrade, and hence decided to do the same to the cables.  I'm not sure if I notice a difference, other than the money that is no longer in my bank account.  First, the back ground.

My last speakers were a pair of Sonos Faber Venere 2.5, which were hooked up to a NAD M3 amp.  When I first paired these pieces of equipment, I was using 3 meter length, High Diamond 2 cables, bi-wired (2 pairs of cables, hooked up to the four pairs of terminals on the amp).  The rest of the pieces in the system were the NAD M5 SACD player, the NAD M4 tuner and the Gold Note PH10 phono preamp.  My turn table remains the impressive Acoustic Solid 111 Metal placed on top of their dedicated isolation platform, and paired with their WTB213 tone arm and fitted with the Benz Micro Wood L cartridge.  The interconnects that I was using were High Diamond 2 RCA on the SACD player and the Tuner and Cardas Iridium RCA on the phono stage.  Initially, I was using the stock power cables for everything, plugged into a run of the mill, $20 hardware store power bar.  At some point in that systems' history, I upgraded the speaker cables to the Cardas Parsec bi-wired (also 3 meter), and bought a Cardas Iridium power cord for the M3 amp.  To be sure, I noticed an improved difference in the sound, which I attributed to the Cardas speaker cables, more than anything, though it may have also had something to do with the Iridium phono interconnect as well..

Fast forward to this past fall, and I came into some money so I decided to upgrade the speakers to the Sonus Faber Olympica III speakers, the Simaudio Moon 700i V2 amp, and the Simaudio Moon 650D CD transport and DAC.  Initially, I kept all of the cables and power bar the same. They remained in place from October 2019, until yesterday.  I think that time frame gave me plenty of time to get to know the sound of the system, and for everything to get broken in.  

Yesterday, I decided that with the obvious jump in improvement with the three pieces, I should take the plunge and upgrade the cables and power bar as well.  I purchased Cardas' Clear Cygnus 3 meter, bi-wired speaker cables, two 1 meter Clear Cygnus interconnects, one RCA for the phono stage and one XLR for the CD transport, two Clear Cygnus 1 metre power cables, one for the amp, and one to connect the impressive Cardas Nautilus power strip to the wall.  The Cardas Iridium power cable that I previously had was moved to the 650D CD Transport, and I used the stock power cable that came with the 700i V2 amp for the NAD M4 tuner.  

What has surprised me most, is that lack of difference in overall sound that I have noticed.  To be clear, those cables and power strip cost $8000CDN, plus tax!!! (inset appropriate emoji here).  Is it my ears?

Regards, Jared Purdy
Try before you buy and be independent enough to judge the difference and render an honest verdict. At least buy used where you can recover invested funds. Lastly, be patient and let the new wire break in.
Trying first was not an option.  However, you are right about the break in period.  With the exception of the Iridium power cable that I connected to the 650D, which I doubt would make that much of difference, and the High Diamond 2 RCA interconnect that I continued to use on the NAD M4 tuner, everything was brand, spanking new, and cold out of their respective boxes. Yes, time will tell.

It was an incredible sounding system two days ago, and remains one today.  I'm just not sure what I'm hearing.  However, I can say that I have peace of mind and no more lingering questions as to whether or not I should upgrade the cables to something more appropriate to the level of equipment that I have.  I believe, if nothing else, the system has simpatico.
In the end, cables are like music preference.

Purely subjective and personal taste. No one here can tell you what's "best"

Probably the most contentious subject.
After having run the new cables for most of yesterday and all of today, I can definitely say that I now hear a difference.  I'm not sure what adjectives to use, but there is even greater clarity than what was there before.

Given the number of cables that were changed simultaneously, it would be difficult to say which one made the most impact, but I'm inclined the think that the speaker cables and the phono pre amp cable are likely the biggest contributors to the improved sound.  I can only imagine that with additional break-in, the sound will improve more.  I believe the break-in period for cables to be in the 100 hour range.  If I'm wrong about that, please feel free to chime in.
A few comments that I'd like to make and I agree with your conclusion other than I have no idea which cables made the largest impact.
IMO it takes perhaps 150 hours of use and non-movement of all cabling for the system to settle in. I know this is a debated theory but you know what I have found to be true for myself.
It's very had to tell what differences the cabling makes if you made more than one change at a time. I realize when we purchase new cabling etc no one wants to wait for one item to break in before we add the next new piece.
I truly believe with a lot more hours of playtime you will hear an additional improvement.