New cable from TG Audio

I heard that TG Audio is introducing a new power cord named the "688" in October of this year that will maybe retail for around $300.00 Current models can be upgraded for $75.00
Gee, I heard pretty much the same thing :-) The 688 comes from Olin 688 alloy brass that the custom connectors are made from....The HSR-I has been around for almost eight years and the HSR-A over six years and the Gen II versions of each for a couple years....Sonically the cord sounds like a Gen II HSR-A that is more forgiving in the upper midrange....These will be available in late October and updates will also be available for the HSR series at that time as well....Formal introduction will be at the CES in January...

Bob Crump
TG Audio/CTC Builders/DDR Mfg

I have two HSR-I2 (i squared)Gen II power cords with 20A connectors for my Denali monoblocks. Would it be beneficial to upgrade the i2 to the "688"s? Will the new 688s be available with 20A connectors on the amp end?

Ken, I haven't updated any I-Squared cords to the 688 and you are probably better off leaving well enough alone unless you want me to keep the cord for a month to break it in and do any necessary revoicing.....20a IEC, right angle (for Levinson) and in-line connectors are available as always for the 688....It will be the end of October before these will be available.....
Ken, I have a couple of the Denali's as well. Both my stock cords and my upgraded cords fit but are not real tight on the amp connection. Specifically, the electrical connections seem to grip well, but the IEC has a lot of play in it and does not fit tighly into the housing. Is that also your experience? It doesn't seem to hurt much, but I though I'd ask. Thanks.

You know I have the same experience as you do..Initially I sometimes thought the cord was about to disconnect from the amp, however I later learned that this is the way the pwr cord interfaces to the amp. Every cord I have used on the amps "seat" the same way. I have not had any problems with the electrical contacting due to this fit. How do you like your Denalis? I really like the amps. They are robust, powerful and very musical in my system.

Bob, would the 688 be mostly aimed at analog and preamps? The "forgiving midrange" comment makes that come to mind but I'm likely misinterpreting.

Ken, I love the Denali's. Smooth, smooth, smooth and robust.