New Buyer - speakers DynAudio Contour 1.1 or 1.3se

I am new to this world and i am desperately trying not to over buy - but i don't want to be in a position to upgrade in a year wishing i had.

new pair of contour 1.1 or contour 1.3se? both sound great on my system (naim)

any help would be greatly appreciated
I think the 1.1's are a fabulous buy used - less than a grand and really great sounding. If your room is medium sized or bigger, you'll probably like the 1.3se's better as they'll do a better job filling the room. I could live with either pair for a long time, and the 1.1's will be easier to drive, so if you're on a budget and buying used, the 1.1's will serve you well for a long time.
IMHO the 1.3SE is the only way to go. They have a great sound, but you will have to have an amp. That can drive them, and with a quality system you will get the most out of these speakers. Also these speakers do need room to breath.