New but old fashioned looking speakers…

I’m looking for a current model speaker with that “old fashioned” look.

Presently I own Tannoy’s Turnberry from their Prestige line. I like the look and sound quality of them a lot but need a “bigger” sound (bigger box/woofer) to fill a large room (25 X30 ft). I am considering moving up the Tannoy line to either the Yorkminster or Canterbury but they’re expensive and therefore I’m looking for alternatives to consider. These would mate up with my Conrad Johnson Premier components and Sota Star TT.

Anything that you would care to suggest would be much appreciated. Klipsch’s La Scala or Corner Horns would be examples.

Thank you!
The Harbeth M40.1 (or less expensive SHL 5's), or the Classic Spendor series would both fit the bill, especially if you like the Tannoy sound.
Which CJ premier amp do you own? What music do you listen to & how loud ?
a) if you have corners available, the Klipshorn are hard to beat for most kinds of music (all, except classical -- where I find them very capable as well). These go very loud and that is magic in a large room.
b) Of course if you like yr Tannoys, stretch for the Canterbury IMO well worth the extra outlay from the Yorks.
c) you could check out the German Physiks Unicorns which are also excellent player. They sound something like a Westminster, with a tweeter (and slightly less bass extension). They look very much like a cabinet in real life.
d) something unusual that can also play loud like the others and may blend into yr room is the Rethm maarga

Once we have more details, you'll have many more ideas:)
If that is the look you are going for, (congrats!, most people want the opposite) and you don't want to spend the big coin on the Yorkminsters, which are great speakers, and old minty pair of Bozak Concert Grands really make a statement.
No good corners for Klipschorns, then La Scalas and a good musical subwoofer? Klipsch Cornwalls if no subwoofer to be used.

So pleased with your suggestions – thank you!

More specifics:

Equipment list:
CJ Premier 16 LS (Pre)
CJ EF-1 (Phono-pre)
CJ Premier 12 (Mono powers 140 WPC)
CJ DV2B (CD Player)
SOTA Star Sapphire (TT)
Grado (Cartridge)
Shunyata (Power conditioning)
Stealth PGS (I/C’s)
Vandenhul Bi-wire (Speaker cable)
Tannoy Turnberry SE (Speakers)

Room size 25 X 30

Music: Female jazz (Diana Krall, Holly Cole, Melody Gardot, etc.), Classical, Classic rock (Moody’s, CSN, etc.). A soft assortment to please my wife…

Thanks again!
IMO, having owned most of what is being suggested I would stay in the Tannoy line.Head and shoulders above all of them(Harbeth/K horns/Bozak grands/JBL/Altec etc etc.Having said that,I think maybe you should not limit yourself to just that sound though,much better speaker lines that will excell in just about everything in the same price range..Just an opinion

Thanks for the good word on the Tannoys – I always appreciate re-assurance that a purchase was a good one.

I'm running the Vandehul bi-wire to them because Tannoy states that Vandenhul wire was used internally on the Turnberry and I'm running 20' lengths due to an awkward arrangement. Two 20' lengths of higher end cable would cost many $$. I hate to compromise, but $$ is a limited resource for me.

Thank you for your response

So sorry for having rushed through your post and misunderstanding “speaker lines” to be cable runs to speakers rather than your intended suggestion of considering other speakers.
These are probably even more expensive than the Tannoys, but they are some of the coolest and most beautiful speakers that I have ever seen.

Vox Olympian Elysian

Check them out at
Speakers from Quest for Sound, their SQ series speakers. And like Klipsch speakers should be very efficient. Plus would be tube friendly as well. Good hunting.
Thanks again all for the suggestions - some very cool stuff!

The Vox Olympian Elysian is interesting indeed!

I'll also revisit the SQ speakers from Quest for Sound - I have looked at them before.
Audes-Maestro 146-156. From what I was told(salesman) they can play very loud without break up. Much closer in sound to a Thiel CS 2.4 then a Vandersteen 3A. Almost bought a 155(previous model) but settled on a more refined looking and room friendly Focus Audio FS8.