New Buchardts coming out!

Wow i just popped a cookie.
They look good, let's hope they can dance.
Powered too. 
PSB Audio is releasing two powered speakers too.
Elac's Navis.

Who is next?

Who is first?  Dynaudio, Dali, Kii, or go way back, Braun, a/d/s/, Philips. 
They are what I'm talkin' 'bout.
Add 2 subs and you're swarming.
You'll have to pay up to get subs to 17 Hz.
No spkr cables to argue about.
Only one option would make them perfect and I wrote to Kaspar and Lasse about it.

Even though I only have a passing interest in Buchardt, I was somewhat disappointed to learn they were only available as powered units.

My take on powered speakers is that it's akin to painting oneself into a corner. I'm very happy with my Canton Vento 896.2 floorstanders but I like to leave the door slightly open.

I'm not digging the power outlet I'm seeing.
@Icplthomas, care to expound?  I’m Not tracking...