New Boenicke Audio W11 SE Speaker Review // A New Reference !?

Never listened to Boenicke Audio speakers but these are on my short list now. 
I can't wait to hear a pair at one the Shows now.  
Not connected with this speaker company in any way
I have been a fan of Boenicke for quite a while. Had the opportunity to hear several models. They really are special. They have a way of opening up a room to play much bigger than their size would suggest. Very musical and natural from the demos I heard. Very well made and not your usual appearance. They seem easy to drive with quality electronics. Worth a drive to Chicago to listen.
 Even how they make their cabinets are very special ! This is what they look like inside the cabinets WOW!
 Even on YouTube they sound special ! Can't wait to hear them in person!
 The Reviewer that reviewed these Boenicke speakers liked these speakers even better than the Cube Audio Nenuphar single driver speakers! And he reviewed these two speakers back-to-back!!
The Reviewer that reviewed these Cube Audio speakers on 6MOONS said EVEN if he WON the LOTTERY he would keep these Cube Audio speakers but would get a lot better gear!
 So these Boenicke Audio speakers are VERY SPECIAL  !!
Maybe match these Boenicke speakers with this Audio Reveal Second Tube amp  

 The hifiknights reviewer just reviewed this amp too and it's a great match with these Boenicke speakers.
I just bought the W5 SE+ via Audigon.  Suggestions for an integrated amp/streamer of reasonable equivalency?  

I just sold some B+W 803s and have an MA7900 to am reinventing my system.



I've been very intrigued by the Boenicke speakers both because I love their design and on the basis of reviews and user reports.   They are actually disparaged somewhat among those who favor classically good measurements, and they are beasts to drive apparently.   But I'd love to hear a pair.

Thanks for the responses.  I'm still in search of/decision mode...
NAIM footprint is ideal, but they're under powered for the Boenicke speakers.

Am also a big big fan of Boenicke speakers, particularly the ridiculously good W5. These little wonders have turned my audio world upside down. A gold Note is1000 is a wonderful match with them. But you go much higher end and the speakers won't be the limiting factor. Very special stuff. And it doesn't hurt Sven is such a great guy.

I heard the W8's at the last RMAF in 2019.  The sound that came out of those small floor standers was jaw dropping.  It was one of my favorite speakers at the show.  I would love to hear the W11's and I do understand they like a high current amp to drive them.

I heard the w5 s at Park avenue  Audio and jaw dropping is the only description that does it justice. They were powered by a Hegel 590. Amazing room filling music. They just fill the room as small as they are. WAF is phenomenal due to their size.and quality. I’m spoiled and can’t go back. 

@brianportugal Did Park Ave only have the W5 available for demo?  Do you know what version of the W5 you heard?  I’ll be in NYC next week and plan on giving them a listen.  Thanks. 

I think they were the se+ but they have the 5,8 and 11s call Andrew L he is a great guy. They are at 440 Park Ave S around 30th and Park Ave. wonderful experience. I met him for the first time at about 30 mins before closing and he stayed way past closing.